Filipinos have had enough of the sight of priests and nuns engaged in phoney "activism"!

Yet again, Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David issues another bleeding-heart appeal to the Filipino to support a political agenda packaged as a "fight" for "justice". Just as bizarre, the piece is dripping with the all-too-familiar syrupy topping of the Catholic "Suffering Victim" narrative.

Thus are social and political “evils” confronted these days in our land of tropical baroque: with incense vapors, prayers and incantations, and the physical and spiritual sacrifices of folks like an elderly nun. 
Another bonus of being part of the “Dasal at Ayuno” was meeting Jover Laurio, the feisty and witty woman behind the popular Pinoy Ako Blog. Jover wore a T-shirt she boasted she had helped design, which proclaimed: “Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear.”

With a cast of Madre de Cacaos and "militant running priests", it's no wonder that "opposition" spectacles such as these are met with wide derision by the Filipino public nowadays.


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