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Still, education.

For what it's worth, Celdran's Damaso incident ties with the Mideo Cruz "Polytheism" exhibit. A wave of anti-clericalism, heretofore covert, has risen overtly, and people are continuing to leave the fold of the Catholic Church in large numbers. We expect more of these things in the future, as the Philippines struggles with its philosophical and religious "foundations" - partly reminiscent of the French Revolution, without sharing its bloody aftermath.  But the rising intelligentsia, of which Celdran is a part, is also to blame. It has not provided a definitive vision of what it wants Philippine society to be, still taking comfort in the double-standards and hypocrisies of the past while proclaiming the advent of "secularism" and "freethinking". For all its shouting about "freedom of speech" it has entered into a war which is not tenable in the long run.  I feel that it's just one more rat that shit on the porridge.  Though I

More fun being an idiot in the Philippines

Democracy is no fun when the majority don't use their heads, and it's the season of not using heads again - well, all year every year in this country actually, but we're having elections real soon, so we're taking it up a notch and oh boy here we go again. Maybe the Philippines only exists to be an example of how to completely corrupt democracy. It takes a special kind of people to mess democracy up the way Pinoys do, like a massive unspoken collusion that works in reverse of how ants operate or behave. It's not like Pinoys have no exposure to what could be learned from the rest of the world as if we're in isolation. It's not as if Filipinos are too poorly equipped to tell good from bad. Pinoy society screw-ups are due to a potent combination of so many things cultural, it's like a melting pot of everything you could do to something that could potentially excel so that it ultimately fails. And when that something fails excuses abound and everyone goes