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Diagram: How the masses are brainwashed, and the real mastermind behind it all...

What it reads (clockwise, from upper left):
ABS-CBN twists/manipulates news; the masses are entertained.  It is owned by the...Lopez family who is greatly indebted to...Cory Aquino who is the mother of...Noynoy Aquino
SWS and Pulse-Asia Surverys: Surveys that are biased (are released) to give the impression of opinion of the majority.  Discreetly commisioned by the...Communications Group that reports to...Noynoy Aquino
Internet Army: Paint a squeaky-clean image of Noynoy on the internet.  Silence all critics.  Controlled by the...Communications Group that reports to...Noynoy Aquino
Media People: Journalists/authors being paid or benefiting from the government.  Blatantly on the payroll of the...Communications Group that reports to...Noynoy Aquino
Print: The truth is suppressed.  Is indebted to Cory Aquino or on the payroll of the...Communications Group that reports to...Noynoy Aquino
Akbayan, Gabriela, and other "Leftist" groups: (These groups) riot on the streets and in media; …

Two types of ethically invalid land titles from The Ethics of Liberty

There are two types of ethically invalid land titles: "feudalism," in which there is continuing aggression by titleholders of land against peasants engaged in transforming the soil; and land-engrossing, where arbitrary claims to virgin land are used to keep first-transformers out of that land. We may call both these aggressions "land monopoly" -- not in the sense that some one person or group owns all the land in society, but in the sense that arbitrary privileges to land ownership are asserted in both cases.

Murray N. Rothbard in The Ethics of Liberty

According to Conrado de Quiros Noynoy Aquino is 'the best speaker among all the postwar presidents' HA HA!

Check out Conrado de Quiros's latest column:
P-Noy has just cemented his position as the best speaker among all the postwar presidents. Including Magsaysay, including Marcos, including Erap. He doesn’t go for bombast, he goes for heart-to-heart. And with it manages to hold the attention of an audience for a long period of time. Last Monday’s Sona was as long as it got—I myself felt it was too long. But I didn’t see anyone, including stalwarts of the opposition, yawning his mouth off. Maybe they were looking for things to criticize, as P-Noy himself suggested they were wired to do. But they were listening. That is no small feat.
Any comment from Senator Bongbong Marcos?

Joey de Leon and Edu Manzano crack jokes about Colorado Batman massacre on Philippine television

Ed Sicam writing for Yahoo! News:
Sunday noon, I got sick to my stomach when Joey de Leon and Edu Manzano, hosts of TV 5's "Game and Go," cracked jokes related to the tragedy in a newscast spoof. Joey said certain individuals were asking the government to legalize pirated DVDs because it's safer to watch movies at home.

Edu countered with a crack about a police officer who rushed to the scene and asked a bystander, "Anong kaguluhan ang nangyayari sa loob ng sinehan?" His reply, "Walo po tsip, may shooting lang." There were more corny jokes punctuated by scantily clad dancers gyrating onstage.

The jokes were really in bad taste and demonstrated how low the people behind the noontime show will go to get cheap laughs. While people in the U.S. and elsewhere were grieving with the affected moviegoers and their families, "Game and Go" chose to trivialize the tragic event.
Full article on Yahoo! OMG.

'President Aquino will not say anything that is not true' - Lacierda

Indeed, Filipinos need to be assured through official MalacaƱang statements that their President will always tell the truth...
“The President ordered that all statistics, facts and figures should be vetted. It’s very clear that President Aquino will not say anything that is not true,” Lacierda said.
In the Philippines, that which goes without saying has to be said nonetheless.

Will anybody still believe what Noynoy Aquino says at his SONA?

Lol! Saw this making the rounds on Facebook.

I was hoping for CHANGE but all I got was this lousy YELLOW t-shirt.


Ineptocracy: A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected..

Sent in by a GRP follower:

Ineptocracy: A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminished number of producers.

Test your own stupidity...

I know people who actually fall for this sort of clever marketing...