What good are Filipino "activists" to ordinary Filipinos?

This question is leaving an increasing number of Filipinos utterly stumped, specially nowadays, ironically, considering the number of activist circuses that spring from the ground everyday. But that is exactly the problem. Protest rallies  spring then fizzle at every drop of a hat in recent months. Much of what these rallyists protest can't even be considered to be things one would normally be outraged about anymore.

Most ordinary Filipinos simply get on with it. But not these "activists". The things they consider to be important from their cushy ivory towers are too lofty for the average Filipino to care about. After all, how relevant, for example, is "feminism" to the average Pinoy? Can "human rights" be eaten for breakfast? Would whoever happen to be sitting in Malacanang actually make any difference to the average Filipino schmoe?

See, this is the trouble with today's "activism". The show put up by these "militants" are not really about the ordinary folk they pretend to fight for. Rather, it is more about their egos and the ideas tied to these that they need to validate.

At the end of the day, results are the only true and objective measures of achievement. And so we ask the confronting question to today's activists: Where are the results?


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