The 'Dutertard' vs 'Yellowtard' false dichotomy

To everyone: let us not be so quick to judge people who do not agree with Duterte as yellow, and those who do agree with Duterte as a Dutertard. That's a False Dichotomy. It's not either you're one of them or you're against them.

I'll make this clear now though, I didn't vote for the president. Be that as it may, let's not get carried away with this violation of human rights mantra and all its emotional entailments and pin all "extrajudicial killings" that are happening to the current administration.

I would even go so far as to argue that the majority of these "EJKs" aren't even what they seem to be. The media here, after all, is almost completely untrustworthy. For all we know, these so-called EJKs are orchestrated by drug cartels so that they can pin it to the admin. This in turn, is seen as an opportunity by the yellows, especially evident in De Lima's appeal-to-the-emotion privilege speech earlier. All she did was paint out how much of a victim she is without even uttering a single shred of a plausible counter attack against the allegations on her.

Her witness last Thursday was completely inconsistent, made immune to cross examination, and, hell, was put to stand without an Affidavit of Witness, thereby setting him unaccountable for all his allegations. Imagine that?

As I see it, the yellows, together with their crony media are going for the Goebbels' style of propaganda attacks. A big lie repeated often enough is soon to be deemed as truth by the gullible masses. The foreign media, with all its prowess, is simply now swallowing bits of information, released no less than the oligarch controlled local media and De Lima herself. They are not, in any way, grasping even a fourth of the picture itself.

Ronn Zantua  as posted on Facebook.


  1. So sad that one sector buying into this Goebbels' style of propaganda attacks is our young adults, teens, those in college (specifically top unis of the country). You see them in SocMed reacting as if they're political analysts, even bashing likes of Ted Locsin. Do they even really watch what happens in the country, much less read the local news (when they most often rely on free data)? I respect free speech but i wish they have all the data/info they need before they spew their hatred on PRRD/government and profess their love for pNoy or their Tito Mar. I'd see ateneo instructors inciting their students to bash top bloggers. I want to tell them to just continue with their studies, socialization in BGC or Makati, and just stick with their starbucks frappe....but then i have to respect their freedom of speech (and their right to make fools of themselves).


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