Duterte needs to learn diplomacy fast

I’m cautiously supportive of the actions of the current administration, but by failing to intelligently engage his critics, all he’s doing is to make the country look like even more of failure than it actually is (if such a thing is possible).

The proper response would have been to explain to the critics what the problems are in the Philippines, what the current policies are, and how those policies are being implemented. He might issue a statement explain what the deal is with De Lima. Or he might have made a polite phone call to whoever might be interested, and offer to have a discussion.

As for Alunan’s comment: words fail me. Yet another Filipino vacillating between deep shame and Pinoy Pride. Here’s the thing, Mr Secretary: commenting on world affairs is what politicians do. It’s what they’re paid to do by the electorate. It is not “interference” to flag up something of international concern. The only response required is for the national authorities being addressed to reply in an adult manner. Sadly, this seems to be beyond the capacity of the country’s brightest and best, who cannot muster anything better than bluster and schoolboy insults.

As practical observer said, if Duterte doesn’t learn some diplomacy fast, he’s going to be standing alone on the international stage swearing at nobody, while the drug lords take over.

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