The sound of a #Tagalog convo: 'like chickens and hens cackling in unison'

While I'm not sure the language should totally go the way Latin did, one can't deny the limited use of Tagalog.

As it is now, a sentence can't be done without two or three borrowed words in English which makes it redundant in academia. Somehow you gotta address the technical jargon but there really is no equivalent to it in Tagalog so the English term just ends up jammed in between the local vernacular. Nevermind the fact that reading Tagalog online is cringey no matter who wrote it.

Add the fact that it just doesn't sound pleasing to the ear. Normal conversation with Tagalog is like chickens and hens cackling in unison to the uninitiated. It's the peasants' language through and through.

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  1. It's called evolution. You'll find it in borders between two countries.

  2. LOL shooo go away and dont bother us. You are like a herpes eh you are not even a filipino. Why are you bothering us?

  3. If you dont like to hear tagalog then migrate shoo go away. Oh I heard you are already an ass wiper in Singapore or wherever ha ha ha WHy are you exhibiting withdrawal symptoms hahahaha why are looking for tagalog BAKLA


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