Filipinos suffer from a failure to appreciate VARIETY in points of view

I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Filipinos are poorly, even hardly educated. This is endemic of a corrupt, dynastic society where the rich keep the poor as minimally educated as possible, so they remain scared quiet.

So you could say then that it’s not the peoples fault, but the elected (choke, laugh) officials ‘running’ the country. However this would be too easy. Nearly every country has dealt with this type of corruption and come out better for it, but it seems Filipinos are unable to do that. Actually they did over 100 years ago, and still celebrate it – how embarrasing that it’s such a mess after those sacrifices were made! Even uneducated people can understand right and wrong, math & geography qualifications not needed for such a basic concept.

The people seem to survive on wishful thinking – it’ll be better tomorrow – instead of getting off their lazy backsides and doing something asap. Maybe there’s a chance to regain some credibility for the next generation? Does anyone think further than right now.

One amazing skill to be admired is the one allowing any Filipino to turn their mistakes into someone elses! For example, ask someone not to play music so load that my kids can’t sleep after 4am, and somehow, by magic, that’ll be my fault for not having soundproof walls. Throw garbage on my property and that’s my fault for not having solid 8 foot high walls. Truly, truly amazing. No one here is ever to blame for anything – except someone else! Hilarious!

There are only two methods of dealing with problems – ignore it, or kill someone. Has to be one extreme or the other, there’s no middle ground of discussion, compromise and ending with respectful acknowledgement of everyone’s right to an opinion.

And the dumbest thing I’ve heard is ‘if you don’t like it leave the Philippines and go home’. There is complete stupidity in one bite size sentence. How about forgetting your ego & pride (proud of what?) and listening to another human being who might know a little about whatever the subject is. Stupidity can be having no education, but it’s better demonstrated by an unwillingness to understand, consider, discuss and learn. Instead it’s easier to go for the child in the playground mentality.

I wonder how many readers have already written an angry response without fully understanding what’s being said here….blah…blah…like banging head on a brick wall….wasting valuable lifetime on….

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