Ph journalists focus on intrigue rather than investigate and report on important things

I agree there was nothing wrong with the original Marcos birthday post in the Official Gazette. What was done there was actually very mild compared to all the self-serving hallelujahs to the Aquinos that the previous administration wasted government resources on.

The fuss over the Marcos birthday post shows how low journalism has sunk. Turning something as petty as that into a major news story shows there was nothing of greater consequence to report.

Other things both local and foreign media are blowing out of proportion lately so they can have “news” to report:

1. The Duterte-Widodo statements on Mary Jane Veloso

There is actually nothing contradictory in what Duterte and Widodo said about Mary Jane Veloso. Duterte said he will respect Indonesia’s final decision on the matter, and Widodo said Duterte told him to go ahead with the execution if that was his decision. So what is the big deal? How can it be said that Duterte “greenlighted” Veloso’s execution when Duterte doesn’t even have any authority in Indonesia?

2. The Obama snub

Duterte’s spokespersons said he missed the ASEAN-US meeting with Obama because he had a migraine attack. Now Duterte is saying he skipped the meeting on purpose. On cue, Philippine media goes nuts. The simple truth is probably just somewhere in between. Duterte was feeling under the weather, and wasn’t exactly looking forward to the ASEAN-US meeting, so he skipped it. Then today, while giving a speech, he said that he purposely snubbed Obama out of principle for trying to lecture him. That’s his “siga” personality. Masanay na kayo.

If these journalists had any use, they would be working on investigative reports on the drug lords’ internal purge that is causing the rise in unexplained killings. But why bother doing that, when it’s a lot easier to just sit on your butt, go trolling for Duterte slip-ups on the internet, and call that journalism.

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