On the sickening reaction of the Yellowtards to the Davao night market bombing...

As soon as news of the Davao blast came out, I knew it was only a matter of time before the smug, celebratory posts of the minions of the “disente” crowd would start coming out in social media.

This is very consistent with their “us vs. them” mentality and total lack of empathy for people who do not subscribe to their yellow religion.

They do not realize that this blast could have happened anywhere. It could have happened to any one of us, while sitting inside our cars in traffic, or while eating at a restaurant in a mall. Yellow or not, in Manila or in Cebu, in the Philippines or in Europe, we are all targets of terrorism, and we should all be mourning because it could just as easily have been us. It just so happened that Davao was the target this time because the president is from Davao.

The sickening gleeful reaction of the yellow trolls is no different from the way the Liberal Party acted in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. It is the same yellow beast rearing its ugly head. Recall how, in the midst of panic and total devastation in Tacloban, the yellows still could not get past their politics and show humanity. They witheld relief goods from barangay captains who were not on their side, and they witheld sending resources of the national government because “the mayor is a Romualdez while the president is an Aquino”. Politics was more important than the suffering of the victims.

This is not who we are as Filipinos. Filipinos do not take joy in the pain and suffering of their fellow human beings. Whatever political color you belong to, you must realize that terrorism is a common threat that targets us all, and we must all work together to help the Duterte government fight this threat.

Tama na muna yang ambisyon niyo na mang-agaw ng pwesto. Baka kayo ang sunod na masabugan.

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  1. Yellow Goons are Sick minded People!

  2. We might never know who's behind all these,,,connecting the dots all points to some color and its yellow,,,

  3. Just shows which side these people are...they rather see innocent citizens die..go to hell bad ass!


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