Expert answers to Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs) about Duterte's War on Drugs!

1) Does the Philippines want foreign investment and tourism or no?
ANSWER: Yes, and I think these partially explains the government's anti-criminality and tighter security drive.

2) Does the recent 5% decline in the USD/PHP exchange rate indicate anything about the image of the country abroad and the economic development of the country?
ANSWER: I am not an expert but I read that BSP said this is due to foreign investors' "profit-taking".

3) Is it acceptable for a person to be shot by police based solely on the officer's assertion that the victim was a drug dealer, with the full approval of the country's president?
ANSWER: No, but I am willing to give the police the benefit of the doubt, especially if it's a legitimate buy-bust operation.

4) Do police officers ever make mistakes or act from improper motives? Does an accused criminal deserve the right to explain and defend him or herself against the charges?
ANSWER: The police make mistakes just like everyone else. The accused has all the right to explain if arrested and did not fight back.

5) Even if someone is a drug dealer, is summary execution a reasonable and proportional response by society?
ANSWER: Of course not. Who are the perpetrators is another question and needs to be investigated and punished.

6) Would you be fine if you or someone you loved were shot by the police with no other explanation than a cardboard sign hung on their body saying "Pusher ako"?
ANSWER: You're assuming the police are the ones delivering this so called "cardboard justice." And no! I am not fine if someone I loved were shot by ANYONE, for that matter.

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