Former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo should sue Leila de Lima for human rights violations!

The last case the yellows had left against former President Gloria Arroyo has been dismissed by the Sandiganbayan.

The Filipino people should now urge former President Arroyo to file charges at the UN against Leila de Lima and Noynoy Aquino for illegal detention and violating her human rights.

Arroyo has a strong case with the favorable UN ruling that Amal Alamuddin won for her in 2015.

Since De Lima and the yellows have been invoking human rights and the UN every chance they get, let us see if they can walk their talk and face the very same charges they so liberally accuse others of.

Former President Gloria would be doing her country a great service by suing De Lima at the UN. De Lima is a menace to the Philippines and a huge majority of Filipinos will be glad to see her removed from the Senate and convicted at an international court, in exactly the same way she imagines President Duterte should be charged at the ICC.

Hope Amal and former President Gloria can discuss this over tea, soon.

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