Routine misinterpretation of Duterte a legacy of Tagalog domination of the Philippines

All these misinterpretations of Duterte all over the place just gives us more reason to remove the so called useless ''Filipino" language as lingua franca, and just keep English.

From personal experience, I always tend to ad lib "putang ina" everytime I speak Tagalog, not just as curse or anger, but for fun, being at awe, pissed for heck of it & some other expressions.

There are Tagalogs telling me and some of my friends to stop, but we just cant help it. It's our norm. Where I'm from, it's just as good as 'Yawa', 'kayata', 'pastilan', 'bilatsing ina', 'piskot'. Nope, I never find the President's "putang ina" offensive.

There are regions that speak yawa in almost every sentence they say. I had my fair share with them. If they speak it in Tagalog, they have putang ina in almost every sentence. Now, imagine having a President from that place.

Based on what Julius Espina posted on Facebook.


  1. Proud Cult Group MemberSeptember 7, 2016 at 10:34 PM

    For the bobotante Tangalogista Peenoise pridists so loved the world, they are busy making more babies, and busy converting every Tom, Dick, Harry, Molly, Mary, Sally to their favourite religion bobotanteism Tangalogism Peenoise pridism the best religion in the world purposely to wash away humanity's Original Sin of having a different native ethnic language. Happy! Yippy! Yehey! You jelly, non-members?


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