Why are there so many unintelligent people?

Knowledge has nothing to do with intelligence. So studying wont help, as you wont be able to learn.

You can teach a bear to ride a bicycle, but it does not mean the bear will know what he is doing or that he will be able to change a flat tire.

Why are there so many unintelligent people?

Because the poor and uneducated have been breeding like rabbits. Each generation born just a bit dumber than the one before them.

Like when you copy a VHS tape and then make a copy of the copy, et cetera. The quality will get worse and worse. A gene pool that has been watered down to the lowest quality. It has actually come to a point now where people not only act, but actually look like retards. I see it all the time in children and young adults.
Now, that’s really bad.

I’m not saying that all Filipinos are dumb. But most are. Gullible and easily influenced by fairytales a.k.a. religion and other dumb stuff. They are not brainwashed, because there was nothing to wash out to start with.

The hard drive was delivered empty and over a period of 15 years completely filled up with nonsense, trash and viruses. Intelligence could be comparable to an anti-virus program that would automatically block any senseless junk.

And the Filipinos who are intelligent mostly leave the country. The ones that stay keep a low profile and do their job as good as possible, which is not easy when you are surrounded by complete morons and dull co-workers. They only have 1 child, not 3 or more, because they know it is easier to properly nourish and educate 1, than to educate 3 or more, because intelligent people know their actions have consequences. So then later on and out of necessity their children (the minority) again breeds with the half-wits (the majority). The imbeciles just drown out all the intelligence till one day only idiots are left. We are not far from that day.

In the 1930’s Louis Thurstone created a factor analysis for intelligence. He concluded that there are 9 primary mental abilities that show intelligence.

Inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, word fluency, speed of perception, verbal comprehension, verbal fluency, memory, spatial visualization and mathematics. Most Filipinos seriously lack all of these 9.

If I have to give examples for each item, then you don’t understand what I’m talking about in the first place.

As the saying goes, if you would know that you are dumb, you actually would not be that dumb.

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  1. I am not sure as to why ncee was abolish and what did they replaced it to. its a gauge as to how you fared after 10 yrs in school. it also points out on where one needs improving on

  2. Nice analysis. Any solutions? Should we return them where they came from?

  3. Smart people don’t think others are stupid.

  4. You are a disgusting elitist.

  5. Elitistang wala namang kwenta! Nasasabi mo lang yan sa harap ng computer mo. Try mo sabihin yan sa harap ng tinitira mong "unintelligent people". Supot

  6. This article makes no sense. The conclusion is that the gene pool is being dumbed down? I don't see any controllable variables here... It's just saying we're getting dumb. Period. The case would be true everywhere else then, and not only in the Philippines. Yes, population control is indeed necessary, but is hardly the solution for keeping people "intelligent". Seemingly, as the article suggests, the solution is to conduct IQ tests before we are allowed to breed. "Well ma'am, I'm sorry, you cannot have a baby this year as your IQ test results indicate that you are not smart enough." Is this a solution? Yes. Is it feasible? Fuck no.

  7. I'm astounded by how most of the comments here prove the point of the writer simply by spewing nonsensical insults. Yes, intelligence can be affected by the gene pool but we must remember that its nature and nurture that develops a child. A healthy debate should be used in order to debunk this article. First, the intelligence of parents is not the only factor for a child's IQ. Ever heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan? His parents were poor and he wasn't given any proper education yet he became a math genius. On the other hand, most elitist parents have unintelligent children so there's that. Second point, where's the proof? The writer only gives out several conclusions without providing any statistics or credible evidence. It's as if the writer is just promoting Eugenics, yet history has proven it time and time again that this form of selective breeding does not work. Hence, this article is just some far cry given by a writer who might have written this article just for political or subjective reasoning.


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