Ban Ki Moon on the true evil in World Leadership in his farewell address to the UN

Ban Ki Moon has blasted  some world leaders in his farewell address (yes, he is leaving the UN), and we can consider it a small triumph (and mercy) that despite President Duterte's fuck yous, Ban Ki Moon didn't consider him a real danger to the world. This is because unlike many, Ban Ki Moon knows what true evil is.

“In too many places, we see leaders rewriting constitutions, manipulating elections, and taking other desperate steps to cling to power,” he said. “My message to all is clear: serve your people. Do not subvert democracy; do not pilfer your country’s resources; do not imprison and torture your critics." (Duterte did not manipulate elections, has not made desperate attempts to cling to power, did not subvert democracy,. did not pilfer our resources, and did not torture and imprison his critics. BUT WE KNOW WHO DID. BWAHAHA.

We know who manipulated elections, is still trying hard to cling to power, imprisoned his enemies illegally, and pilfered our resources.

Ay, wait this is about Ban Ki Moon pala.

Israel's UN ambassador delivered a major clapback. He didn't say FUCK YOU like Duterte. He just said, like the diplomat that he is, "The real madness belongs to the UN... It needs to stop obsessing about Israel."

Ban Ki Moon also apologized for the UN's many shortcomings, including UN peacekeepers' exploitation of women and children in Central Africa, and the abandoning of responsibility in Haiti.

Sabi sa inyo, tama si Duterte, e. Remove his fuck yous and that guy is just telling the damn truth. Hypocrisy and sustaining self-interests, and the interference of world powers, have hindered the UN from fulfilling its original mandate. Ban Ki Moon is a good guy and recognizes these, at least.

Krizette Laureta Chu as posted on Facebook.


  1. he knew du30 was doing just right for a stubborn populace like ours only he cant believe his eyes the Phils is damn right in disciplining its people in pursuant to existing laws of the land.

  2. Yes it is true,he is blind for the truth,


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