Misplaced national priorities and political agendas behind concerted demonisation of Duterte government

Interesting how much outpour of sympathy & concern is being given to drug criminals—-“human rights” they say, whilst the poor hapless rape, murder, & robbery victims of these criminals are being silenced as they attack the one President who finally has the real balls to speak out, defend, & fight for these victims, past to future.

What show of urgency and manner of sympathy & concern are these so-called “human rights” whiners giving to these victims of heinous drug crimes?—Nothing!—-I don’t hear any effective solution coming out from that camp to rid ourselves of this drug problem.

The former DOJ is herself at the front & center of this profound miscarriage of justice! The Yellow camp has been mainly instrumental in perverting whatever fiber of true decency is left of this country!—The Yellow camp thrives on widely disseminating deceptions or malicious falsehoods! They just have to be stopped!

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