The Philippines would rather be a Captain America fan

In more advanced countries, when you turn 18, you’re kicked out of parent’s house.

But Pinoy moocher culture keeps us from being creative in planning for survival. I know of an IT graduate who for some years now prefers to stay at home waiting for OFW DH mana’s remittance rather than look for a job. Do you really want this kind of a society?

Now when we say letting go, it doesn’t mean cutting economic ties. It’s meant more on the political and military sense. China and the US are at loggerheads over many things, but that doesn’t keep Apple from manufacturing their iPhones in China.

So stop being scared as shit as if the sky’s gonna fall just because we won’t get US aid when disaster strikes. We as a nation simply need to learn to grow our own legs for once.

Let’s face it, the reason we hadn’t beefed up our military all these many Yellow years is because we keep hoping our hero captain America will always be there to defend us.

It’s about time fully grown eagles learn to fly. Who knows we might be exporting PH-made submarines sometime soon because of Du30’s confidence in charting our own course without the US pulling the strings.

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