Duterte must not ignore international clamor built on black propaganda

The Duterte team must realize that this is more than just about clarifying the definition of extra-judicial killings or explaining the rationale for the war on drugs.

What is really behind all this is a plot to unseat President Duterte using the ICC (International Criminal Court).

This video by Sass Rogando Sasot (International Relations MA student based in The Hague) explains very well how the chess pieces are being moved to execute “Plan ICC”.

The video is a bit long, but here’s a brief summary of the main points:

A. What is happening?

1. The international media is being used to build an international clamor against President Duterte so the ICC can file a case against him for human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

2. Once the ICC files a case, President Duterte will be more or less forced to file a leave of absence so he can be tried at The Hague.

3. While President Duterte is on leave, Robredo takes over as acting president. Expect that if Duterte is brought to the ICC, the trial will be extended over several years, so that by the time there is a decision, Robredo would have served out his whole term.

4. Influential international personalities who have a lot of sway at the ICC, such as Samantha Power and Aryeh Neier, have already spoken out against Duterte this past week. This is a big danger sign.

5. If President Duterte does something drastic in the name of peace and order, such as declare martial law, that could be the trigger that the ICC prosecutor will use to file a case against him and issue a warrant of arrest. (We cannot discount that anti-Duterte elements might even stage lawless acts to provoke Duterte into making a drastic declaration.)

6. The Philippines cannot easily withdraw from the jurisdiction of the ICC to prevent the ICC from intervening in our affairs.

B. What should the Duterte government do?

1. The Duterte government must engage the international media more closely and provide them with sufficient data and information in order to debunk the “kill lists” being published by Inquirer and ABS-CBN.

(Suggestion: Maybe the PNP can put up a website and upload all reports regarding the deaths recorded each day, along with other relevant statistics and data regarding the war on drugs. What is needed is a comprehensive centralized database, not sporadic memes being posted on social media by the PCO. Right now, the government is not providing any alternative list or organized information source, so the haphazardly-done “kill list” of Inquirer and ABS-CBN are the only sources that the international media are using. The PCO should address this gap immediately. Drop everything else, this needs to be your top priority.)

2. The Duterte government should organize an independent body to investigate the unexplained killings, to show the world that it is doing something about these deaths and not perpetrating or condoning them.

3. The Duterte government should recognize that international PERCEPTION is a bigger factor than hard facts when it comes to filing ICC cases. The black propaganda that is being used to build an international clamor cannot be ignored. You must do your own international media blitz to counter the negative propaganda. That international media blitz should not just be about debunking the EJK black propaganda, but also about sending out more positive news about other things going on in the Philippines. Remember the rule: If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.

4. The Duterte government should seek the advice of experts who have broad international experience in strategy and communications to manage its image abroad. This must be done as soon as possible. The current people in the president’s communications team do not have the right experience or skills to handle international media and international political maneuverings of this scale.

(Suggestion: Hire an international representative and spokesperson with the poise and intelligence of a Gibo Teodoro to do a charm offensive in international media. Duterte’s tough, Dirty Harry persona needs to be balanced out by a polished, sophisticated type to calm down foreign audiences who have already been brainwashed to think Duterte is a monster like Saddam Hussein.)

C. What can you do as an ordinary Filipino citizen?

1. Whenever you see black propaganda against Duterte in foreign news websites, write a rebuttal in the comments section and on the news outlet’s Facebook page. If you can find the writer’s email address or Twitter/Facebook account, also communicate with them directly. The world needs to know the truth straight from the Filipino people.

2. Keep yourself aware and updated on what is going on so you know how to explain the issues. Do your part to educate foreigners on the truth about what is going on in the Philippines.

Plan ICC is the back-up to Plan B. Plan ICC uses international resources, while Plan B uses local resources. Both have the same objective: to unseat Duterte and install Robredo. The anti-Duterte forces are working as fast as they can, because with each day that passes, Duterte is able to consolidate more and more power, and it gets harder for them to remove him. Plan B is becoming less viable because local support for Duterte is too strong. That might be why Plan ICC has been stepped up, hence the sudden barrage of negative international press coverage this past week, coinciding with Leila de Lima’s EJK senate hearings, and followed by Robredo’s statement regarding her “concern” about the Philippines acquiring a negative image abroad.

Nakakainit ng ulo talaga ito. Wala silang pakialam kahit sirain nila ang buong bansa, basta makabalik lang sila sa pwesto. Let us unite and fight back. Let us show them that they cannot undermine the sovereign will of the Filipino people.

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