Leni Robredo is DESPERATE to stay relevant!

I don't think there has ever been a "Vice-President" in the history of the Philippines -- maybe even of the world -- who works as hard as Leni Robredo does to try and steal the thunder away from the President.

It is doubly ironic because this is a "Vice-President" who was barely able to manage a 1% "lead" over her nearest rival during the elections, despite the unmatched levels of cheating, spending, manipulation, and mud-slinging that her party resorted to. Yet Robredo parades herself around like she is God's greatest gift to the Filipino people, trying to compete for attention with the most popular and most trusted President in recent Philippine history. "Langaw na nakapatong sa kalabaw" does not even begin to describe the absurdity of this situation.

I think her latest statement about wanting to build rehabilitation centers is an attempt to ride on Duterte's war-on-drugs bandwagon. The "Leni the 'It' Girl/Socialite" and "Leni the Woman of the Year" PR campaigns have so far flopped, so now Robredo is trying to identify herself with an issue that obviously resonates with the people. It's amusing how the yellow media played up her rehab statement like it was the most groundbreaking insight ever, as if nobody on this earth had ever thought of building rehab centers before.

As to what rehab centers have to do with the specific job assigned to Robredo at HUDCC, nobody really knows. Rehab centers are not even within her scope, and the DOJ and DOH are already working on these. But to Robredo's camp, everything is about PR, and she will say and do anything to keep herself in the headlines. Just imagine, if all the Jesse Robredo tributes, ribbon-cutting events, keynote speeches, dinners, product launches, and movie premieres are taken away, there would be nothing left for Robredo to get talked about.

While the other cabinet members gain media mileage because of their work-i.e. DOJ Sec. Aguirre on Bilibid investigation, DENR Sec. Gina Lopez on mining audit, DSWD Sec. Taguiwalo on 4Ps reorganization, DOTr Sec. Tugade on traffic management solutions-Robredo only gets media mileage for her recreational activities. Expect her to ramp up her critical running commentary on Duterte's policies in the coming days, as her camp starts to realize that the social butterfly routine isn't taking off.

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  1. Duterte must fire this incompetent bitch from his cabinet.

  2. her mere existence is only contributing delay in progress. she continues to participate in the opposition provided that she was already given a cabinet post. She accepted to carry out the mission of the Liberal Party - puppet moves, obviously. WASTE of government resources.

  3. It's not really langaw over a carabao.....it's langaw na pa-lipad-lipad lang dyan, in danger of getting swat..

  4. Leni just wait till something happens to Du30--with these human rights violations he is faced , your wishes are becoming more and more closer to reality !! You are the standby !! Go Lenny Go ....

    1. This troll is exhibit A of the quality of "followers" Robredo has.

  5. In my opinion only & maybe many of you, the first mistake President Duterte ever made since he has seated as president, is to give a cabinet position to the #FakeVP who have been vocally against his platfoems even during & after the election.
    But, anyhow, the President knows what he's doing....just saying...

  6. Birds of the same feather fuck together...

  7. Very much improved ang taste nya sa pananamit. Malayung-malayo dun sa Leni Robredo noon, na naka-simpleng blusa/tshirt at maong pants. Ngayon, pati ang mukha nya ay ala-Vicky Belo na ang kinis at make-up.

  8. napaka-lowlife masyado ang taong yan...kahit na alam nyang hindi sha nanalo, talagang pinupwersa nya na nanalo sha...at dyan galit na galit ang pilipino sa aquino, sa ganyang klaseng pambababoy sa pagkatao nating lahat...lahat ng power plant,natin,sila na ang may ari ngayon.,..ang AQUINO YUMAMAN SA GOBYERNO...sa hirap at pawis ng pilipino yumaman ang manga animal na yan--ang pamilyang yan ang tunay na salot sa pilipino...eventually filipinos are gonna rise up and take up arms against those animals and finish them off once and for all, para mabuhay ng marangya ang kabataan..at mabawi natin ang ipinatayo at binayaran natin,power plants pang aari nating inagaw nila...

  9. This is really a wasted very high position in the Philippine government that should have belonged to someone who can really contribute and serve the Filipino people. What a waste!


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