Duterte govt should stop letting Yellow media set theme of the administration

Leila de Lima has resurrected the worn-out Jun Pala case from more than a decade ago to try and pin down Duterte. The yellows must really be running out of options.

A key witness during a Senate probe into the rise of killings in the government's war on drugs said on Thursday, September 15, that President Rodrigo Duterte, then mayor of Davao City, ordered the killing of broadcaster Jun Pala in 2003. 
Speaking under oath during Thursday's Senate probe, Edgar Matobato said that Duterte, through his supposed "right hand man," a certain Arthur LascaƱas, ordered Pala killed because the Davao-based radio commentator had been criticizing Duterte repeatedly.

Once again, this is BAIT, and I ope President Duterte and his communications team can see this. They should know by now that the yellows are using the Goebbels strategy: a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. This is the same strategy they used on Arroyo, Corona, Binay, etc.

Duterte walked into their trap when they were trying to associate his name with extrajudicial killings and human rights violations. By answering their ridiculous accusations in his usual “colorful” way, he gave them the fuel to get massive media mileage all the way to the international press.

He should not make the same mistake again. Ignore them. Nobody believes them anyway, except the yellow clique that wants Duterte out. This new “witness” Matobato that they’re presenting now is really dubious. If he says he was afraid to come out when Duterte was mayor, why would he do so now that Duterte is president?

Bottomline, Filipinos accept President Duterte for what he is and don’t care what happened more than a decade ago.

Huwag nang patulan ito. Meanwhile, Sec. Martin Andanar, isn’t it about time you come up with something to change the conversation? Nakakasawa na itong killings-killings topic na ito. Stop letting Leila de Lima and the yellow media jerk you around and put you on the defensive. Take control and CHANGE THE CONVERSATION. You should be the one setting the direction of the national discourse, not them. If you come up with more interesting and more positive news, no one will even pay attention to the yellow media’s inflated body count anymore.

No offense, Sec. Andanar, we appreciate how hard you’re working. But there is such a thing as working hard doing the wrong things. It is more important to work smart than to work hard. Strategy is the key here. Good luck.

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