Government officials to feel "cheated" out of their cuts in govt projects if reforms are instituted

As much as I appreciate President Rodrigo Duterte trying to change the status quo, I doubt he can change all of them. They are so ingrained in our culture, that people will (wrongly) feel cheated and “oppressed”.

Take our government construction projects, for example. When a project is awarded to the contractor, the mayor, the congressman, and the governor automatically get 10% of the project’s budget at the very least. That, then, jeopardizes the project’s quality because the budget received a massive cut.

And I kid you not, if you eradicate this system, people benefiting from this will actually feel cheated. Even speaking out against this system (if you’re a government employee) may get you fired. I wouldn’t put it beneath them to kill the person responsible for completely removing this system if it were to happen.

I’ve seen government employees get frustrated and angry at the thought of them not getting bribes. Speak up against bribery aggressively and you’ll find yourself being ganged up by your co-workers. Some managers go as far as trying to ruin the image of this person. As if you’re suddenly the spawn of Satan trying to deny these people their well-deserved money.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything about it. All I’m saying is there may be career-threatening and life-threatening challenges ahead of us if we choose to completely eradicate these type of systems.

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  1. so basically what you are saying is to let corruption in all forms of goverment service remain so that these public servants who are paid by the people to serve should get "a piece of the pie" and just let the quality of work suffer so they won't feel cheated. That is saying corruption is GOOD and to let the status quo remain. This kind of thinking is what is basically wrong in our culture. CHANGE MUST HAPPEN , whether it be easy or hard, its for the future of our children to have a batter country to live in and not be forced to seek a better financial life elsewhere like our OFW.


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