Filipinos "nice" but lacking in common sense -- IT business manager

As someone whom invested heavily in the Philippines managing an IT company, I view your assumptions as narrow minded.

I’ve given hundreds of Pinoys IQ tests as part of the selection process, the vast majority of these IT graduates ( the cream of the crap ) performed dismally.

After two years operating we decided to close up and retain Singaporean Chinese staff and Brazilians. One staff member does the work of approximately 10 Pinoys.

The biggest issue was a sheer lack of common sense, they can do black and white but seldom grey. Higher order thinking skills and abstract reasoning skills seemed to me missing, as they would perhaps with someone diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome.

As people I found them nice, but rarely kind. Big difference there, anyone can smile.

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  1. I can't argue about that. I met so many "Filipiknows" who can't find their asses in the dark.

  2. I find this true, especially when dealing with such hinge as customer service. Filipunos seem incapable of thinking for themselves, deviating from script, or solution finding.

    1. Really??? How many millions of filipinos have you dealt already???.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Our smiles are just our way to "save face". That's right, we're good at pretending to like you.

  4. Train them! What's the use of training programs? Remember that Singaporeans don't have much common sense either, as they act by the book too much. Brazilians, while friendly, tend to be selfish, and shares a common trait with Pinoys: crab mentality.

    No particular nationality is perfect. It's just a matter on how you deal with them. No success is instant. Neither money will come to you in an instant from zero.

  5. You do not insult them, instead you teach them, idiots !


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