The Philippines is far FAR more racist than countries like Australia!

Having migrated in Australia 18 yrs ago was the best decision even if we lived a financially good life in the Philippines as we were both managers in our jobs but wanted a much better life for our son. You are right that in Australia we have this common courtesy, being considerate to others and equality that we tend to forget until we get to come home to the Philippines and we instantly see the race to be 'me first' in line in traffics, queuing and every single areas is so visible and stressful. We remembered what's it like then and still the same today.

For those of you that talks about RACISM in Australia, I do believe that you have to travel more within the Philippines and even outside of the Philippines.

Working in the popular food chain as a working student, graduating from the University, job- hunting in Manila, starting a desk job till the time I became a manager in a multinational company .... I do believe everyone reading here that racism is much worse and more visibly seen in our PHIL society than it is Australia. Any employers would favor applicants coming from Ateneo, La Salle, UP, St Pauls, San Beda etc and all the top and posh, popular universities and will always give priority in jobs, network of friends and connections. In the PH you can instantly see faces of people and conversations change when you asked "so what school or university are you from?"

The manner in how people conduct themselves, Taglish or full English speaking conversations always have the link of impressing others and a status symbol to identify 'class.' Even the location of our home, subdivision, suburb is an easy profile of who we are and where we belong in the financial and social ladder. Name dropping of relatives or friends in jobs or workplace tends to help push a work application to acceptance is still common practice in the PH. Try to recall all the unfair or sick practices we do that are not common or never practice in Australia..... Then you tell me where Racism is alive and commonly practice and implanted in our PH culture from day 1.

To say that Australia is a racist country, you are one individual who never had the chance to meet the wonderful people here who will help you and share a friendship regardless where you live, school or university you came from, even if you don't have a car, doesn't matter what job you do, the way you pronounce English words, whoever you are in the sociology-economic ladder.... Aussies are great friends who don't judge you where you come from and will not need to read your background profile to respect you as a person! People are equal here, even if you are a manager or a carpenter, we are first name basis and same treatment. And at the end of the day, there is no perfect country even though when I compare PH vs AU, in my books I would always say AU is the best!

And with this I and my husband are both forever grateful of being an Australian, bringing my 1 yr old son then now 19 and giving birth to my daughter now 15 .....this is where I have seen that Filipinos can actually live a great future and that a great life do exist beyond your status quo. Working and saving up for 50 yrs in the PH, we can live comfortably in 5 yrs or even less for most hardworking Pinoys.

PS great respect to the writer of this article! Thank you for reminding us of our great culture in AU.

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