A challenge to Filipinos: List specific actions required to CHANGE for the better!

Challenge accepted.

1) Face up to the fact that this generation of Filipinos is doomed. They have no real chance of redemption. Adults rarely change their ways.

Instead, focus on giving your children the tools to fix the mess that you and your compatriots created. This is relatively simple. Young people are good at doing things that need to be done, quickly.

2) Refuse to send your children to (public) school. This is where their heads are filled with all kinds of nationalistic nonsense and misinformation. Instead, teach them how to learn things. If you do not know how to do this, seek advice from people who do. There are plenty of books on the subject of "how to learn things". It's possible one of them is available in Tagalog.

3) Today's children have the entire knowledge of the planet laid open to them on the internet ... and all they do is play around on Facebook. Teach them to use this powerful tool wisely. Make sure your child reads something new - something not published in the Philippines - for at least an hour a day.

4) Feed your children proper food. Never, ever buy milk formula for infants. It's a waste of money, and it's nutritionally-deficient. It will stunt their brains and their bodies, for life. Nobody in first-world countries buys this (except, funnily enough, the poor).

Stop eating rice and sugar and packaged snacks, and eat more fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, and suchlike. If you can't afford them, raise them yourself. You can provide 50% of a family's needs from 2000-3000m2 of land, and 70% of the population have access to this, or could acquire it if they really wanted to (~20,000 pesos for untitled land). Crops like jute or alugbati or camote grow easily, even on poor land. Pigs and goats and chickens can improve poor land, and can be eaten. Learn how to manage these resources properly, instead of just neglecting them and hoping for the best.

The stuff on the shelves of the supermarket, or the sari-sari store, is 90% garbage that will make you ill and stupid.

5) Throw your TV in the trash. Don't read newspapers. Don't listen to what politicians tell you. They are all lying. All of them.

6) Find ways to starve the government of funds, and therefore of the manpower that is destroying the country. Employ yourself in such a way that you can live and prosper, but handle government money as little as possible. Money circulating back to the government via taxes is what keeps them in business.

7) Get together with your neighbors and foreigners who wish the country well. Organise services that the government consistently fails to deliver: schools; security; transport services; power and water. Make sure standards are higher than government standards (not difficult). Do not, under any circumstances, seek permission from authorities. They will shut you down, or at least swamp you with expensive and time-wasting activities.

If you do this, you will have a modest but comfortable life. Your children, on the other hand, will change the world.

I'm a Filipino and I'm not ashamed of it.

Why should anyone be ashamed of (or proud of) an accident of birth and geographical circumstance? The geopolitical appellation "Filipino" didn't even exist until comparatively recently. You can be ashamed or proud of the person you ARE, and that's ultimately under your own control.

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