Foreign Media bias: It's personal!


When De Lima presented an incredible witness to demolish a President--

》News reports immediately vilifying our President and painting him as the man behind thousands of senseless deaths (EJK) came out left and right even when the hearing was still on-going.

》Immediately after the hearing, surprisingly, a pre-taped video of Matabato's testimony, complete with English sub-title, was already made available online and was posted by New York Times.

》In less than 5 hours, the international media came out with highly damaging & misleading headlines and grossly distorted & one-sided news reports--taking Matabato's testimony as nothing but the truth.

》Most of local & foreign press did not even present the other side of the story (no mention of Lacson, Sotto, & Cayetano's remarks showing the inconsistencies and lies of the witness' testimony)

》Only after few days and only after thousands of Filipinos here and abroad have united and protested in social media against the obvious black propaganda that some news reporters finally came up with more balanced news reports.

》Then again, the damage has been done. Our President has been demonized worldwide--with UN, EU, US prematurely condemning our President and starting to meddle with our affairs.


When De Lima was the subject of a Congress Hearing and damning testimonies against her were presented by several witnesses--

》6 hours after the hearing, not much news from foreign press.

》16 hours after, still no news from foreign press except one from Reuter

》Local media did come up with reports--but also including and highlighting the interviews & privilege speech of De Lima.


MJ Quiambao Reyes as posted on Facebook.


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