Support Duterte's vision but criticize him for his blunders!

Leila De Lima hid all these information [revealed during the Senate inquiry on "extrajudicial killings" that she is chairing] during the Aquino administration. She should be sacked along with her cohorts. However, this case should be investigated thoroughly and, if what the witness had said is true, Duterte should join De Lima in a cell so they can sing kumbayah together.

Moreover, if Duterte is only guilty of ordering thre killings of drug dealers, rapists, kidnapper, etc. – I do not see anything wrong with that. Why spend the taxpayers money to house and feed these menaces to society?

But, if it can be proven that Duterte had order the killings of his political opponents or people who have not committed a crime – only a moronic idiot would still defend Duterte.

I am a very big fan of Duterte but I also criticize him for the things he had said. My concern is for the country, not for one person.

I refuse to be a loyal mindless sheep – where you just support and agree with an authority even if he/she makes a mistake.

I remember one blogger on this site who said that Robredo supporters are the most rabid, which is far from being true.
To single out Robredo supporters is ignorance and just plain idiocy, although I would not call that blogger ignorant or an idiot. It is much more of intellectual dishonesty. Sadly, there are mindless lemmings who agreed with that blogger without fact-checking.

Some people say that Duterte is a dictator – which is a pretty effing stupid to say. Last time I checked, anyone can speak anything against Duterte without the fear of getting arrested, jailed, tortured, etc. Duterte is not a brutal and kleptocrat dictator like Marcos. Then again, the Ilokanos, Marcos apologists, and Marcos supporters would disagree.

They said that Filipinos should move on and not talk about Marcos. As much as I like Duterte, I wonder why he did not say the same thing about the US atrocities in the Philippines some hundred years ago. Why would the Marcoses aplologize for Ferdi’s crimes when they did not have anything to do with it? Why would Obama apologize for something he didn’t do, or any living American didn’t do.

Ladies and gents – I bring you Filipino hypocrisy at its finest. Many Filipinos act as if they are holier than thou, just like the ultra right wing conservative republicans, but they themselves stink to the core.

Do I still like and support Digong? Hell yes but it would not stop me from crticizing him and defending him from all the political retards (Robredotards, Marcostards, PNoytards – including the Dutertetards.

Being a blind loyalist to one party or leader is not the same as being loyal to your country. Country first before anyone else.

Do not be a mindless retard. Support your party but you must also criticize them for any mistakes or wrongdoing.

The ultra right wing idiots are just the same as the ultra left wing idiots – two stupid dogs in pod.

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  1. A post that somehow antagonizes Marcos at GRP? Wow. Change has indeed come.

    1. Actually years ago GRP had a lot of anti-marcos articles. I used some of their articles sources as when I got in a mild debate with a marcos loyalist friend. Ever since then he always hated GRP

  2. Err google the history where the phantom dds was coined. de lima might have known about that is WHY she was not able to charge duterte. google jun pala in the 1980's before he became a rightist. see a sunstar editorial.
    Leila's lies are infectious by the sound of this article

  3. I never heard President Duterte demanding personal apology from Obama. But apology from Americans (government) which is represented by the American President. Why would Duterte drag the Marcoses for Marshall law as if it is the entire family who declare it?


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