Persistence of Yellowish secretions a sign of a sick Philippine society

The color yellow is usually a sign of sickness and should be expunged. The body releases yellow snot and phlegm if we have a respiratory illness. Our skin and eyes turn yellowish due to jaundice, which is a symptom of hepatitis. Urine is yellow-colored because it contains waste products that could make us sick if it remained inside us. Abcess (or nana) means an infection. Rotting flesh becomes yellow before turning black.

What does this all mean? In the comparison above, if the Philippines is the human body, then the Liberal Party is the one making our country sick and should be cured.

In addition, yellow is also the color associated with cowardice and deceit. So the LP is just acting according to what is expected of them.

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  1. And they have to be all killed like viruses

  2. Don’t know why these yellowtards chose yellow to identify their cause. The Philippine flag contain 3 yellow stars and a sun against the purity of a white background. And these vermin don’t stand for what yellow colors in the flag truly mean. Not at all. This is sacrilege!

  3. Correct! Sila ay nana ng lipunan !

  4. You forgot "SHIT" is yellow, like this shitheads LP.


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