Obama Administration failed when it relied on Philippine news media for info to base its decisions

After reading yet another American “news” article about Obama being called “a son of a whore” by Duterte it becomes necessary to make a correction. In my opinion the American press is doing itself, and our President a disservice by not reporting accurately. American news sources tend to favor a liberal agenda when reporting on American politics, but in this case they are not doing due diligence by watching the exchange Duterte had in which it was obvious he was calling the reporter that name, not Obama, and Duterte has also said that is what he was doing.

In The Philippines the so-called Liberal Party is actually a party in favor of maintaining the status quo in which only a few oligarchs and political clans control all things political and financial in the country. The media in The Philippines is nothing more than a mouthpiece for that Liberal Party with very few exceptions, unlike in America where the right wing has only 1 major lying mouthpiece in FAUX Noise.

Not only did the local media report the incident falsely, but they also mistranslated the exchange. The Obama Administration failed also when it depended entirely on foreign (Philippine) news sources for its information, but when it failed to look at the readily available video and have it properly translated by a Filipino in America. The mistranslation and false reporting was made public by bloggers and by several foreign (outside Philippines) sources.

Duterte’s ‘son of a whore’ barb wrongly translated

Irresponsible journalism in Philippine Media almost ruined US-Philippine relations

Basically what I’m saying is that Americans and Filipinos all need to learn Duterte was not calling Obama names, but rather that he was calling a reporter for one of the yellow-tard local media controlled by his opposition, names. While I don’t really think that is very “presidential” of Duterte, it is who he is, and he is no worse than the Dumpster fire trying to alienate the entire world in America.

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