De Lima investigation hurting Malacanang at time of her ouster from Senate Justice Committee

As far as I know, nothing is “funny” when we talk about extra-judicial killings or the negative impact of it not only to Pres. Duterte but also to the entire country. Not to defend the previous administration, what is happening now is not because of what they did not do but what the present administration is actually doing. No doubt, former Pres. Aquino was nowhere near Pres. Duterte in addressing the drug problem. The former has been called weak and soft against criminality, drug lords, etc. while the current president is the opposite to the point that controversies arise because of the perceived out-of-control operation against drug suspects/criminals.

Sure, Sen. De Lima was part of the previous administration but that is not the main point in why there is friction between her and the president. They simply don’t get along either due to personal differences, diverging principles or philosophical and political point of view. I hate to say it, but if Sen. De Lima has nothing up her sleeves against Pres. Duterte, I don’t think we don’t have any controversy now. If she’s standing in shaky ground because of malice against Duterte, she would have been done and gone by now.

Truth is, De Lima’s Senate investigation is hurting Malacanang and that was the reason she has to be removed as head of the committee. Nothing’s wrong with that. It’s a political maneuver that we have seen in the past. And since it’s politics it will not subside that easily.

The ongoing hullabaloo looks like a losing game for De Lima. However, it looks to me like she got the upper hand. Why? She was able to make the President and his allies connive in order to act against her. She was able to show people that she’s too hot to handle hence the cabal has decided to do her in. In a way, it’s a she against the world drama.

Politically, it would look like a victory for the president but in the long run it will show that De Lima inflicted serious damage to the image of the administration. Whatever, I think I’m sure of: This is the end of it.

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  1. I don't think it hurt Malacanang at all. It was the senators who removed De Lima because her cheap squatter tactics like the comedy routine of Matobato were embarrassing them and the whole senate as an institution.


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