In the Philippines, even the animals behave like Filipinos

Re. starving animals, I noticed something a bit different. There are two sorts:

1) The ones that are chained up with a six-inch piece of rope, 12 inches away from a food/water bowl which is perennially empty, or perhaps occasionally filled with leftover rice.

2) The ones the mope around scrounging.

Here’s what I noticed about (2). In most countries, stray cats (for example) are well-known for two things: keeping the vermin population down, and devastating local wildlife (especially birds). All the stray dogs and cats where I live look fat and happy. A few of them get fed by the locals, but 90% of them go out hunting for food. None of them look like skin-and-bones.

So here’s the crazy thing: even the stray animals are Filipinos. Everybody’s yard is full of those stupid fighting roosters, mostly uncaged. Why aren’t the strays doing their jobs and eating the lot of them? There are plenty of rats, mice, birds and other wildlife around – somehow, they survive the onslaught of Filipinos spraying illegal agricultural poisons everywhere. Why aren’t they out hunting?

My conclusion: there’s something in the air, or in the water. Filipinos, even the wretched animals, are all so lazy they’d rather die than work for a living.

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  1. my doxie had this talent of catching mayas (in flight to boot) BUT was whipped by the boss. She still dig around the yard to store her treats and sniff for other treats hid by other dogs. The strays don't eat roosters around or they'll get whipped maybe hanged.
    The humans are another matter, leagues apart.


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