Filipinos' inability to make sense of the world hinders progress in the Philippines

Filipinos fall into one of two groups:

1) People who think everything is wonderful (despite all the evidence staring them in the face that everythingisn’t wonderful). They believe that anyone says a single bad word about the country should be shot, or at least told to F off.

2) People who use their eyes and their brains. They know exactly what’s going on and why, and are deeply ashamed of their Type (1) countrymen.

Type (1) people outnumber type (2) people by roughly 10:1.

Duterte is doing the Type 1 thing. Since he doesn’t know how non-Filipinos react (with amusement and then dismissal) he thinks he’s done a great thing … and so do his mindless cheerleaders.

Filipinos have the strangest attitude towards the world at large. On the one hand, they think they should be protected from everything. And I mean everything: from the economic consequences of their own poor life choices, right through to the hard laws of physics. They want everything to be “fair”, by which they mean that Pinoys should be given special privileges to compensate for their many failures.

On the other hand, they think they should have “freedom” to do whatever they like to anybody they like.

Not one person notices that two beliefs are mutually contradictory.

They end up with a country full of ridiculous rules and regulations designed to ‘protect’ everyone. Nobody follows any of these rules, because everyone wants their ‘freedom’ and their ‘rights’.

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