Is Leila De Lima's name fit to be mentioned alongside that of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago?

Back in 2015 during the election campaign, "online news site" Rappler put up Leila De Lima as "the next Miriam Santiago". Just when you could think of no other way Rappler could plumb lower depths in the practice of "online journalism", we come across this gem of a tweet...

Will Leila De Lima be Senate's next Miriam Santiago?  #PHVote

The link in the tweet leads to a Rappler article with the same headline...

De Lima raised the question as she formalized her Senate bid on Thursday, October 15. Her candidacy for the May 2016 polls marks the first time she is running for public office. 
The former justice secretary known for ordering controversial investigations into corruption and criminal cases said people compare her to Santiago, the Senate's resident legal expert known as the Iron Lady of Asia.

It is important to note that this tweet and the article it links to was fielded and published respectively during the campaign period leading to the 2016 elections. A misleading headline is all it takes to do an Inception on an impressionable electorate.


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