Aquino's failed 'soft' approach to problem-solving paved the way for Duterte's HARD approach

I agree with the analysis of the New York Times as to why we are where we are now. As to the view that "Pres. Noynoy was perceived as lazy and soft, unwilling to take the necessary steps to solve the country's problems.", there's no question, especially the 'soft' side that the perception has basis on solid ground.

Among others, Pres. Noynoy was not really viewed as one to have manly or macho image compared with a Fidel Ramos or Erap Estrada or even Duterte himself. Actually, he's really 'soft'. Aside from not belonging to the type of those leaders I mentioned, Aquino has to operate on the assumption that he's the opposite of Ferdinand Marcos, his family's personal nemesis, another leader that has a strong-man image.

Did Aquino contribute to the prevailing environment in the country? Yes.

In fact, Aquino's weakness has led to the perception that he and Mar Roxas, his presidential pick, has the same kind or brand of leadership. In effect, it lessens Roxas' appeal with the voting public justifying the view that under a Roxas administration they will get the same soft approach to the problems as what Aquino has given them.

However, the story does not stop there. While I agree with the aggressive approach of the current administration on the drug problem in the country we also have to keep in mind that we have to have other options than the "kill' option we have right now. We have to make our institutions work and at the same time promote the principles of the rule of law. We simply cannot just go from soft to hard and expect a positive result.

Everything is really on the balance right now. No one knows what's exactly is going to happen in what was seemingly a killing frenzy on the part of the government.

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  1. "No one knows what's exactly is going to happen in what was seemingly a killing frenzy on the part of the government." Have we ever wondered what kind of a solution we have wherein we have already killed 3,000 human beings.....and do not know if we are doing the right thing?


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