Whose fault is it that Ferdinand Marcos was never convicted of his alleged crimes?

And whose fault was it that there is no record of criminal conviction of Ferdinand Marcos?  Marcos fled the country in 1986, and died only in 1989 or three years after.  Thus, the government had three years to criminally prosecute him for his alleged crimes against the Filipino people.  But Cory Aquino did not even lift a finger, even as she, in a matter of days, created the PCGG in February, 1986 to go after the ill-gotten wealth of Marcos.

But of course, Cory Aquino was more interested in the loot than to make Marcos pay for his crimes.  Taking Marcos to criminal court by filing criminal cases against him soon after his ouster would have provided Marcos a compelling case to demand his return to face his accusers.  And that would have been politically unpalatable to Cory Aquino, knowing fully well that the EDSA coup was not a nation-wide movement, and Marcos had still a strong following at the time.  Having him around, and facing criminal charges in court, would have been seen by Cory as a serious threat to her Presidency.

It is therefore obvious that Cory Aquino was more interested in her political survival, and in the Marcos loot, than to haul Marcos to court for his alleged crimes against humanity.  Had they have done that, 3 years was enough time, assuming that he would have still died in 1989, to have Marcos convicted, and we would not be having this debate about his burial.

So, whose fault was it again that now, thirty years after, we still have to deal with this issue?

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. This is a valid and reasonable speculation as to why the Yellowgarchs failed to prosecute the late Strong Man Ruler, Ferdinand E. Marcos, which is why the Cory Government concentrated more in getting the so called ” ill gotten wealth " to prop up her precariously perched up government!


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