Yellow Camp has MILKED Filipino "hero" mentality for far too long

The practice of naming people "heroes" does far more harm than good. In the Philippines, it has been used as a tool for propaganda and brainwashing.

For instance, the idea of Ninoy Aquino as a "hero" who sacrificed his life for the Philippines is nothing more than a fairytale. Ninoy Aquino was a traditional politician no different from the ones we see today. His primary motive for criticizing Marcos since he was a young senator was to build up his political career through constant media coverage. When he came back from exile in 1983, it was not because he wanted to shed his blood for the Filipinos, but because he knew there was a power struggle between Imelda Marcos, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Danding Cojuangco as to who would succeed Marcos, and he did not want to be left out of the running.

After Aquino was shot at the airport, the oligarchs and their foreign backers saw an opportunity to package Ninoy into a martyr so they could fire up the emotions of the people against Marcos, and turn those emotions into political support for his widow Cory whom they were grooming to replace Marcos. That is how Ninoy Aquino became an instant "hero". (The same formula is being used now with Jesse Robredo to benefit Leni Robredo, but it's not working.)

There are no heroes in the story of Marcos and Aquino. Both of them acted in their own interest.

It is high time we Filipinos made a conscious decision not to let the Marcos-Aquino drama define the fate of our country anymore. Between these two, it is the yellow Aquino camp that poses a greater danger to our country today because of the damage caused by the monumental incompetence of the two Aquino presidencies in the last 30 years and because the yellows are now doing everything they can to unseat the one person who can rectify our situation, President Duterte.

I support burying Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani not because I think Marcos is a hero, but because I believe burying him there will weaken the yellow camp's ability to keep milking the Marcos saga for political gain. The Philippine government has already created enough avenues for Martial Law victims to obtain reparations. That is what the activists should be focusing on. Burying Marcos in LNMB serves a different, more practical purpose-to protect President Duterte by neutralizing the yellows.

How long are we Filipinos going to let these noisy, unproductive parasites keep blocking real progress in our country? These yellows want the Marcos-Aquino soap opera to stay alive for a hundred more years so they can keep making political hay out of it. But that is not what we want. What we want is no more traffic, no more flooding, cheaper electricity, higher incomes, efficient government, peace and order, and most of all, no more pointless yellow drama that sucks away so much of our government officials' time when there are many real problems waiting to be solved.

Burying Marcos at LNMB will help bury the yellows' capacity to destabilize this country, and that is good enough. Those who are against it on account of Martial Law atrocities should look beyond symbolism and sentimentality and focus instead on the tangible benefits that can come out of proceeding with the burial. The yellows used the corpse of Ninoy Aquino to build their political capital. Now the corpse of Ferdinand Marcos can be used to devalue that capital.

The likes of Risa Hontiveros and Bam Aquino might say that "misguided" people like me come to this conclusion due to lack of adequate schooling on the horrors of Martial Law. But I had anti-Marcos propaganda coming out of my ears when I was growing up. It was always in the news. Just like all the campaigns to promote the Aquinos were everywhere. How come it didn't work?

Because you yellows always underestimate the intelligence of the Filipino. You always presume to know better. You don't. Given access to the right information, Filipinos can correctly make up their own minds. That is why in the internet age, it is getting harder and harder for you to keep us fooled.

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  1. Truth. Just like Cory Aquino's death pushed Pnoy to the Presidency... :P

  2. I hope the readers will be open enough to take the truth of this matter. Another thing, it's the media that brain-washed the Filipino.. media that is primarily controlled by those who have their own interest as well. If people would be observant enough, ABS CBN plays a big role in this "brainwashing". This is just my opinion.

    1. don't think that it is the truth only because it favors your side.... and dismiss those that do not..... ninoy is a true patriot,,,, he knows that there is a big possibility that he was going to be assassinated upon his return .... you can listen to him before he disembarked from the plane..... it is well documented by video and i don't know what lengths would others go to belie that video.. Ninoy is the uniting factor of the Filipino patriots fighting for freedom from tyranny.....against the monster dictator who has killed many Filipinos and plundered the nation's wealth.... yes he knows he might be killed, yet he went on despite that. He said that "Filipinos are worth dying for". Exact opposite of the dictator who fled so afraid for his life bringing with him his plunders........ Can you face death just like what Ninoy did???...... He did it for the sake of Filipinos........

    2. do you also believe a fat old man in a red suit delivers your presents every Christmas Day? grow up. just because ninoy aquino liked to make dramatic statements like "Filipino is worth dying for" does not mean he had no selfish motives.

    3. Mr. Ernie Olinares, Is it because Ninoy symbolically committed suicide that it made what he fought for a legitimate heroism? Mere dramatic statements like "The Filipino is worth dying for" and death to cover the treacherous deeds, do not make anybody a hero. You should have mentioned what he did to the country that land him in jail for treason. Marcos did not flee Malacanang for his own and family's safety. They left to avoid bloodshed amongst the people in EDSA that time, and were supposed to go to Ilocos, but the Americans brought them to Hawaii without their consent. That was kidnapping and forcible exile. There was no proof that the Marcoses plundered the country. In fact, they won all the plunder cases filed againts them in the International Court. Is your very own court more credible than the International Court that you have found them guilty of plunder? You must be the greatest judge ever lived.


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