Black propaganda against Duterte feeding off ignorance of foreign media

The Yellow Party has stepped-up its black propaganda campaign after being busted on its plans to impeach him. To do this, they first needed to smear his popularity. They’re also taking advantage of the profound ignorance of the foreign community about the character of Pinoy Culture and penchant for malicious rumors, also the real character of the President.

The Yellow Party & its underworld connections would gladly plunge into demonic depths of maliciousness & insidiousness, inciting sedition, just to demolish their political target—-which is the President in this case.

Matobato said Duterte had once even issued an order to kill de Lima, when she chaired the Commission on Human Rights and was investigating the mayor's possible role in extrajudicial killings in 2009 in Davao. He said he and others were waiting to ambush de Lima but she did not go to a part of a hilly area — a suspected mass grave — where they were waiting to open fire. 
"If you went inside the upper portion, we were already in ambush position," Matobato told de Lima. "It's good that you left."

Until the yellow methods are stopped, politics in the PI will be guaranteed to be profoundly corrupt.

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  1. So is it safe to say that foreign media, just like big networks in the Philippines are the same? Press-titutes to the nth degree? That they write and spread the news without validation?
    But I think it is also safe to say that the power of these big media people has been reduced greatly because of the bigger power of social media. Before they can even print, announce or televise it, the people already know the latest and often true "news". The internet is really the last bastion of freedom!

  2. It's the other way around ! It's our ignorance to what is internationally acceptable norm!! There no short cut!


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