Edgar Matobato was a bullet the Liberal Party had long been wanting to fire at Duterte, turns out to be a dud!

I'm one of those persons who finds the timing of this whole senate hearings very fishy. Matobato was supposedly in the witness protection program of the DOJ since Duterte was still a Mayor. I'm also pretty sure that Matobato is not the only witness that the DOJ and the CHR have in connection with the Davao Death Squad. So why didn't they use them to smear the campaign of Duterte?

My theory is that, these witnesses were ready to be presented to the public during the campaign period. If the Ruling party (LP) had enough time, they would have, but sadly, they were too busy dealing with Binay and Poe to notice Duterte. Then Trillanes started his smear campaign against Duterte with the BPI account affair, and the reaction of the people to this campaign probably scared the LP because, for the first time, they realized just how monstrous Duterte's popularity really was. They must have thought that a Duterte presidency was a real possibility.

They thought even that if they presented the Matobato and the other witnesses then, and actually filed criminal cases against Duterte, he would still win the elections. In effect, the people whould have "condoned" the killings by electing Duterte, and impeaching a President over something that the voters have already "condoned" would be political suicide to the would-be Senator-Judges. So, they let the issue lie low, and prepared to unleash this "bombshell", true-or-not, if Duterte does indeed get elected. Then the Ruling Party and allied Media can continue to pound on this issue, repeat it and repeat it until it becomes the "truth" and nobody would mind another impeachment/ICC case against the President.

Timing is everything.

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