Footage of the De Lima Senate Meltdown offers rare insight into high-functioning sociopaths

This video of Leila de Lima's epic meltdown at the Senate the other day should be submitted to the Journal of Psychology.

It's rare scientific documentation of a sociopath cracking under pressure and dropping her mask. You can even see her persona switch from "disente" to deranged then back again in a matter of minutes. (The craziest part is in -27:35 to -22.05.)

What made De Lima snap?

De Lima held this press con just a few hours after that Bilibid stabbing incident that left drug lord Tony Co dead, drug lord Peter Co in critical condition, and drug-lord-cum-De-Lima-"asset" Jaybee Sebastian injured. While the police were still investigating the crime scene, De Lima was already telling the press that the stabbing was part of the government's efforts to force inmates to testify against her.

Why was she so defensive? Why was she so strung out? Could it be because Peter Co and Jaybee Sebastian survived?

Witnesses at the House probe on Bilibid have linked De Lima and her driver-lover to the transactions of Co and Sebastian. Regardless of who was responsible for the stabbing, there's no denying who would benefit if Co and Sebastian are suddenly eliminated.

De Lima's press con was a preemptive strike, one of her signature propaganda moves. Whenever she's about to come under fire, she throws the heat on someone or something else to insulate herself.

For instance, since she knew Duterte was hellbent on investigating the Bilibid drug trade, De Lima launched her EJK inquiry early, so she could claim political persecution by the time her name surfaced in the Bilibid probe.

De Lima also unleashed Edgar Matobato several days before the Bilibid inmates were going to testify about her drug links at the House hearing, so she could claim that their testimonies were in retaliation for Matobato's testimony.

Now, De Lima preemptively held a press con on the stabbing incident so she could float her narrative in advance, and she even filed a Senate resolution asking for an investigation, so people would not suspect her. Unfortunately, the only thing her press con proved was her deteriorating mental state.

De Lima stood in front of the seal of the Senate of the Philippines and raved like a madwoman, babbling about people urging her to seek political asylum abroad and an "A1 source" sending her text messages about inmates being tortured. Ironically, the only one who looks tortured these days is De Lima herself, not the inmates who seem to be relishing the opportunity to expose how her "asset" Jaybee and her minions extorted money from them.

De Lima thinks of herself as a human rights heroine with all her talk about political asylum. But the only asylum that comes to mind when you watch her go berserk in this video is the insane asylum.

De Lima is not the only one losing her mind. The Liberal Party and Leni Robredo are also going on overdrive with statements warning the House not to play De Lima's alleged sex video. Don't they realize that the more they do this, the more they confirm the authenticity of the video? If the video was fake, it wouldn't matter if it was played, right? In fact, playing it would be the fastest way to discredit it. But why are they so afraid? Is it because the video is real?

I doubt the House committee really meant to play that video publicly. They were testing the waters to see the reaction, and now they have it. Yellows outplayed once again.

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  2. Fake na naman ang A1 source niya. Walang text na ginawa ang asawa ni Jaybee according to the wife of Sebastian. Napaka sinungaling talaga ang yan. Na-aawa na ako sa kanya...


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