Georgina Hernandez struggles to defend Leni Robredo's video to the United Nations

Leni Robredo is like a cancerous tumor who needs to be removed as soon as possible. As long as she’s occupying the VP post, our country won’t be able to move forward.

The drug lords, the gambling lords, illegal miners, police scalawags etc. will keep defying President Duterte for as long as Leni is there, waiting in the wings. They’ll keep destabilizing the country and trying to oust President Duterte, because they know they have a dummy ready to take over.

But if Leni is out, they won’t have any incentive anymore to keep destabilizing the country. There won’t be any point, because they won’t be able to control the successor. They’ll be forced to behave.

There’s no doubt that Leni was acting in bad faith when she did that UN video. Anyone in President Duterte’s team who says otherwise, or tries to make excuses for her by saying she’s just being “used” or “misled”, needs to have his brain and his loyalty checked.

Just watch this interview of Leni’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez, trying to defend her amo. I don’t know what Pia Hontiveros ate, she’s normally so pro-yellow, but she really pinned Georgina down in this interview. Well done, Pia.

Georgina couldn’t come up with a straight answer when Pia asked for general descriptions of the “victims” who supposedly went to the OVP to complain about palit ulo. Georgina also evaded Pia’s question on whether or not the OVP verified the claims of the supposed “victims” with the PNP before blabbing to the world that the PNP can’t be trusted. Georgina just kept saying the OVP wrote to the PNP to ask for information about the drug war in January but got no answer. Stop lying, Georgina. You’re not even answering the question. You can’t answer because you never consulted to PNP about your outrageous accusations before you did that video.

Because your goal wasn’t really about helping the “victims”. Your real goal for doing that video was to discredit the drug war, discredit the PNP, and discredit President Duterte in the eyes of the world.

Now here comes your amo, pretending she has no idea why the House Speaker said impeachment charges might be filed against her. Leni has already been caught with her pants down, yet she still tries to play coy and innocent. It’s so disgusting.

#LeniPowerGrabber, #LeniResign, #ImpeachLeni have been trending on Twitter for almost three days, and people who used to be on her side have been exploding in anger, yet Leni still refuses to acknowledge the gravity of what she has done.

I’m more convinced than ever that she knows she didn’t win the elections, but went ahead and occupied the VP post anyway. She couldn’t even gather more than a few hundred people at her “prayer rally” in Naga to protest against Nagaleaks this weekend. Yet she wants us to believe she “won” by a landslide in godforsaken places in Mindanao where no one knows her.

We’ll only have peace and progress in our country after she is gone. Whether it’s impeachment or a recount, I hope it happens soon. Every minute counts, because Loida, Trillanes, etc are also working overtime to oust Duterte since they know Leni’s time is running out.

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  1. #IMPEACHLENIROBREDO! You bitch Georgina! You have nothing but a big liar. We are not stupid! So stop depending Leni Robredo! Shame on you! 😠😠😠😠😬😬😬😬


    2. Ganern?ano nagawa ni leni..Paninira at tuta kay panot?opinyon mo yan nirespeto KO...if she really a filipino dapat tumulong siya...


    4. Antonio Buensuceso nagda drugs ka? Memasabi ka lang eh.

    5. Georgina bugok !!! Stupidredo Fraudredo Bugokredo Lenicifer traitor , shameless bitch! Enough of your Blah blah yakiyakitak Na parang Mga bugok Na may hepatitis!!! Mga terorista kayo Sa bayan !!! Puro luwa mata , tulo laway Lang Ang Inyong puhunan ! #ResignFakeVp (very pathetic)

    6. addicts for leni movement!

    7. another troll anchoncho buenchuchecho!!!!

  2. Georgina already caught obviously lying but still tried to pin down PNP. She made that speech of Leni and #boboleni just read it. Karma lol

  3. Georgina , sobrang kapal na din ng mukha mo, BBM #realVP!!!!!

  4. what has she been working on? nothing! while our president works so hard to bring glory back to the philippines. i have never been so patriotic my entire life, only now that i feel the sincerity of a working president whose only intention is to better our lives and keep the streets safe for me, my children and grand children. leni needs to go....impeach her asap!

  5. Well antonio jr. Youve got what you vote for ..look at her now...

  6. Leni prefers to be impeach than to step down as vp if found that she did not win during the election.

  7. To all of you that didn't believed in leni before, well, NO WONDER!!! ������


    Nakakalungkot lang isipin mis Georgina na kahit ano pang depensa ang gagawin mo para kay leni wala ka nang magagawa kasi THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE.SHE FEED WRONG INFORMATION GO EU AND UN..ALL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN SHAMED NOT ONLY THE PRESIDENT ITSELF.bakit ba mahirap ba talagang paniwalaan na ang lahat na namamatay dito sa pinas ay may kanya kanyang huwad na istorya kunh bakit namatay.hindi naman lahat nang 7k na namatay ay puro sa tokhang or pinatay nang dahil sa druga.naku dont feed wrong information na man..may namamatay dahil sa druga at pinatay nang kalaban nila sa negosyo.may namatay dahil may malaking kasalanan..may pinatay dahil sa aksidente.may namatay dahil sa ibang kadahilanan tulad nang disgrasya at iba pa..oh common DONT BLAME ALL TO THE ADMINISTRATION
    .HINDI KAMI TANGA.HINDI NA.NNU KAMI MALOLOKO PA DAHIL NAGISING NA KAMI SA KATOTOHANAN NA MAY NAGAGAWA AT MAY MAGAGAWA PANG MARAMI ANG PRESIDENTE NAMIN..naku na mam miss georgina try fo study your facts before kayo magsalita.naturingan ka na mang abogada pati ang amo mong abogaga..hanggang kailan ba kayo magpapagamit sa mga taong yan at pati dignidad at pagkatao nnu ay ipinagbibili na nnu sa kanila na hindi nga nnu alam halos ano bang ipinaglalaban nnu..mabuti pang mga NPA sa inho may panindigan at may pinaglalaban kayo puro kasinungalingan at utos ang inaatupag nnu..kahit ba magmukha kayong kawawa sa lahat nang mga tao sa pinas?PURO LANG SALITA ANG VP MONG IPINAGTANGHOL MISS GEORGINA ANO BA ANG KANYANG NAGAWA SINCE THE DAY SHE ASSUME HER POST???WALA NGANGA AS IN NGANGA..PURO SATSAT WALANG NAGAWA..kung ako pa sa inyo makinig,magmatyag,mag aral,magtanong,manindigan para sa kapakanan nang mga pilipino,lumaban at magtrabaho na man kayo nang maayos para makita namin na MAY KABULUHAN ANG SINAHOD NA BINIGAY NAMIN NA GALING SA SARILI NAMING MGA PAWIS..PWEDE????

  9. Hahaha Hoy, Grorgina Hernandez mgbalot balot ka na malapit ka ng maging UNEMPLOYED katulad ng gaga mong amo

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Mayorya ang naniniwala na si BBM Ang tunay na nanalo bilang VP noong nagdaang halalan.


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