No hope of change in the #Philippines until better choices available in politics

The problem is politicians here are simply corrupt and shameless. Add the invalids who remain in their seat without contributing anything good in the society. They completed the Philippine government and as long as that's the case, Philippine elections won't result to the kind of leadership of whom this country would benefit.

We don't have that sagacious and intense leader to choose from. Even if some of them do think, they forego the action. They are experienced and intelligent people I'm sure but here, politics is a business enterprise, the election is but a charade. There's already a scarcity of aggressive leaders whose brilliance comes first before their personal intentions and stupidity that when a politician does something right or good for a change it came as a surprise.

Funny how we can't stop hoping that people will learn from all the do's and don'ts. I also think that one of the most necessary thing by now is for good leaders to step up and trample the bad ones because although there are wise voters, as long as there are supporters and voters who see elections as their milking cows, and as long as there are politicians who take politics as their source of wealth and invincibility, elections will remain a cycle that people will only anticipate because it has to happen.

We need to have more good choices because being a wise voter in this country is underrated. Better if we can expose all the candidates' incapacity to lead after they announce their candidacy. Perhaps they can concentrate on the needed platforms afterwards. They've been digging the depths of their pockets to fill for so long now instead of scraping their coconut meats for the development they should have had initiated.

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