To be proud of great achievement one must appreciate what it takes to achieve greatness

I do agree that it is a bit disturbing seeing how most Filipinos try to claim the glory and achievement of their fellow Filipino. Sure, personally, I don't think that there is anything wrong in taking pride and joy on our fellow kababayan's achievement to a certain point. But to ask for respect and recognition for something that they didn't do is another.

Could it be that most of us just can't simply see how much discipline, sacrifice and dedication it took for the likes of Pacquiao, Lea Salonga etc. We are misled to believe that they got to where they are right now simply because they were gifted and, hence, easier for them. I've seen some of their documentaries and usually, it all starts with their humble beginnings without the emphasis of how much failures they had to endure before they got to where they are right now. Fair enough, we were lead to believe that it can be done, and it ca be. They just forgot to remind us how it should be done.

It is commendable, that after many years, the Philippines was able to make its presence felt in FIBA. And I wonder how our fellow countrymen and women would react in the next international tournament now that we are not to be taken lightly. Not to take away anything anyway from the Gilas Team, but we have to acknowledge the possibilities that the international teams that were bracketed in our group expected us to just roll over and play dead. We did catch them by surprise and they were not prepared for that. That would be their fault and not ours.

More often than not, we all recognize the rewards of being a winner and a champion, and no doubt most aspire to be one. We would often hear Filipinos talk about what they are worth and what they deserve. But somehow most Filipinos often just settle for things to be just as it is because we are too afraid and sometimes too lazy to take the righteous path because let's face it, it can be hard. And when things get too hard or when we are asked to do better, most of us would perceive it as prejudice and "pang-aapi", rather than take time to reflect and ask ourselves how can we do better, instead of just pointing fingers and envying others. We are emotionally immature, impatient, too sensitive, too insecure, too dramatic giving us a misconception on how life really is.

PUSO, a battle cry we proudly chanted during the FIBA tournament which I take as a good sign of hope for our country. However, one can't help but see the irony of that chant. Though we are naturally born with a very passionate and loving heart, it can be very fragile and disheartened easily. We often forget that to love comes with pain, and those are the moments where our endurance are truly tested. Those are the moments when where we get to show our characters, who we can be and become. I've always believe that we are better than that, but I guess the question is are we all willing to start from scratch?

The current mentality is not even a plague anymore but has become a way of life in our country. I say this with a heavy heart knowing that the prognosis is dire and that it would take more than just our voices to solve this endless cycle. I still have faith for this country knowing that if everybody was just pointed at the right direction, what we can achieve as individuals and as a nation seems boundless.

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