Aim high, dream big! Set world-class standards for the next President!

I Have a Dream!

I would like to see elected as president a man of the people and for the people. A man of wisdom, of letters and of greatness. Yet humble enough to admit his mistakes and shortcomings. A man of action who will act with justice, equity and who will unite the country towards the road to greatness. A man who will fight for what is right and never for what is wrong! A man for all seasons who will not be afraid to stand for what is right in defending the country, the people and the Constitution! An honest man who will set all the correct examples to be emulated by the people! A man for the rule of law, Republicanism, due process and the Supreme Court! A statesman who can deal with problems and have solutions that refer to the state of the nation! And finally a man who believes in God and the Sovereign Filipino People!

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  1. You got the "Man"; BS Aquino the turd! Nyahahahaha!


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