Despite widespread poverty and injustice #Filipinos lack an appetite for revolt

Why is it that even if the people are complaining left and right, crying about their suffering, and yet people are not revolting?

Is the suffering of the people enough to compel them to revolt?

The Filipinos cry about social abuses. Slow justice system. Massive corruption in government. Inept public service. High unemployment. Alarming peace and order situation. High prices of commodities, services and public utilities. Worst traffic jam. And the list goes on. In short, the Filipinos are indeed suffering.

But, even if the people are having a hard time, this would not be enough to compel us to revolt. Suffering alone will not make us rebel against the government.

So, why is it that we are not revolting? Filipinos lack the COURAGE and DESIRE to CHANGE. To be in better state we are in right now. We are hungry and angry but still LAZY.

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  1. So true. People are aware but not awakened. Too lazy to rise up. Lazy government, lazy people. No one is changing.

    1. True. But perhaps if there is a better alternative in sight, I haven't seem one yet, people will rise up to the challenge.

  2. Maraming factor kung bakit hindi pa nasa sukdulan ang galit ng mga Filipinos kahit sukdulan na ang pam bababoy sa kanila ng Pamahalaan. Isa nga diyan ang pagiging tamad ng karamihan, apathy, talamakang propaganda gamit ang HolDAP at ang isang nakikita kong pinaka malaking factor ang Simbahan na kinakasangkapan din ng maiitim ang budhi sa kanilang vested interest. Well researched sa history ang mga Propagandist ni BS Aquino tulad ng pag gaya nila sa estilo ni Goebbels at yung panahon ng Kastila na umabot ng 300 years tayong inalipin ng mga Spaniards.

  3. Mainly due to Lack of Better Replacement or nobody is more qualified/competent LEADERS to replace PNoy and lead the revolution.

    If None in the current List of Politicians are clean (TRAPO-dirty/corrupt) or cannot be trusted and none seems to be competent (sharp), young or in good health.

    Because of the rampant/blatant corruption and obvious incompetence (dumb/stupid) of our politicians today - NOBODY should be our choice in Voter Ballots

    Vote NOBODY for President 2016

    Don't Just Vote for NOBODY. Get out there and ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN for a Nobody (non-politician) who you think can LEAD us Toward a Better & Safer Future.

    If majority of our people voted for NOBODY or "None of the Above" rather than, "the lesser of evils," it might force a situation where Voters would have to find someone competent to lead them.

    To prevent Voters Apathy (lack of caring)-We need Active Participation of ALL in our Democratic System to show our disapproval officially in Ballots. Instead of people NOT registering to VOTE or boycott (50%) resulting a MINORITY winner (President).

    NOBODY is represented by substitute/symbolical or a real candidate which People may choose based on the following:

    1. A Non-politicians (not infected by system) - a simple man sincere enough to LEAD (no personal agenda or political ambition),

    2. He/she is not spoiled by family/society/religion - from humble roots meaning He/she can relate/experience first hand all of our problems.

    All other qualities that our present politicians and leaders lacks.

    NOBODY can be anybody (a non-politician) willing to officially & legally represent the votes of ALL who disapprove or dissatisfied with current list Politician.

  4. duwag at tamad kayo


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