Rule of Law wins as #Jakarta governor Joko Widodo wins #Indonesia elections

Rule of law in Indonesia is evident in the way its leaders defer to their Constitutional Court acting as the authoritative arbiter in deciding who won the presidential elections recently held there...

"The Constitutional Court was hearing an appeal by the losing presidential candidate, a former army general and son-in-law of Indonesia's former dictator, who charged that the election last July had been rigged and should be overturned.

"Outside, his supporters clashed with the riot police and tried to storm the court building. The police fired water cannons and tear gas.

"But when the justices issued their ruling denying the appeal last month, something strange happened: The losing candidate grudgingly accepted defeat."

Something yet to happen in the Philippines, the Pikon Nation.

(See the complete NYT article here:

Joko Widodo, the underdog in the Indonesian elections is the next President of Indonesia following this peaceful transition of power that marks a modern democracy in southeast Asia!


  1. Kudos to our Indonesian brothers! They know how to uphold the law. Shame on you Philippines!!!!

  2. Rule of Law wins as #Jakarta governor Joko Widodo wins #Indonesia elections


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