Ideas outside the square: Abolish #COMELEC and implement SMS-based voting!

I suggest we remove COMELEC and all its PCOS machine and equipment. Replace it with vote through text since Filipinos are fond of it anyway and that the resources for these are available. Prior to the election day a voter can register his phone number with his TIN (tax identification number). This will make sure that a voter can only vote once. To further assure that no anomalies can occur, a third party, non partisan body, probably from other countries should oversee the election proceedings. This is more efficient and convenient as we do not need to have a non working day, and save lots of resources which are otherwise wasted in going to and from the precincts, etc.

There should be no fiesta campaigning. Just post the resumes of the candidates in standard format on billboards on major thoroughfares and media as approved only. Include with this the candidates net worth at the time of campaigning including all assets and liabilities. Let us level the playing field.

No sloganeering, no shitty jingles, no miting de abanse, no dancing girls, no singing-out-of-tune actors/actresses, no noisy motorcades, no nonsense. Debates are compulsory and should be covered live on TV. I should think a debate with common people should be done too. Allow throwing of rotten vegetables/eggs in this events, too.

No showing of candidates' life story on TV/media, or even a personalized interviews on TV shows/radio etc. The media shall only show information on voting wisely. All churches cannot mention anything about elections during masses/services, etc to their members. The church should not be allowed to influence their members on who to vote. Violators will be fined heavily.

Lastly, a candidate violating any of the rules are automatically disqualified and fined heavily.

After the election, losing candidates should be tasked to support the winners with the ultimate goal of making lives for Filipinos better than when their term started. Failure of the losing candidate to do these shall be reflected on his resume for posting on his next run for office.

The winning candidate shall be appraised by the people on a yearly basis. Pass or fail only – no nonsense. Failure means replacing with the next in command and shall also be subject to the same appraisal.

How about that?

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