Clarifying the military 'victory' of #Filipino UN Peace Keepers in the #GolanHeights #Philippines #Gaza

Let me be clear. I am very happy that the United Nations Philippine Troops did not suffer any casualties and all men are accounted for after the so-called "7 hour engagement" at the Gaza Strip. This is something everyone should feel good about but, considering the circumstances of the incident and the fact that another UN Peacekeeping Team involved in the same attack is still being held by the Syrian Rebels, discretion and propriety should be the order of the day especially where the AFP Command is concerned. It was not my intention to re-direct the theme of the article. Actually, I don't follow Philippine Basketball (for reasons I won't go into) so the fact that they lost or the reason (excuses) as to why they lost means nothing to me. My intention was merely to point out what I viewed as a sad attempt by the AFP and Philippine News Media to instill pride in Filipinos for something that "normal people" would find embarrassing.

Contrary to what [some people believe], is a strict definition for the terms "Victory" or "Success" when speaking in terms of Military Engagement or Conflict. Whether the engagement occurs on sea, land or in the air, "victory" is claimed ONLY when the objective of the mission is achieved to a reasonable standard. Forgive me but I will use an example which was made famous in a movie in hopes of those lacking "operational knowledge" (and there's nothing wrong with that) will be able to automatically relate to. Operation Red Wings, Afghanistan 2005, was popularized in a novel by Marc Luttrell and later adapted to the screen entitled "Lone Survivor". Without delving to deeply into the plot; the mission was (in a nutshell) to initiate surveillance and reconnaissance of high-level enemy locations and then capture or kill enemy leadership. Needless to say, the Operation failed on multiple levels. The Recon Team was ambushed, the QRF Team suffered heavy losses and when the smoke cleared, Luttrell (the "Lone Survivor") was rescued with the help of Afghani Tribesmen. Operation Red Wings was, for all intents and purposes, a failure. The fact that a US Navy SEAL Team was involved notwithstanding, there was no overt celebration at Dept. of Defense. There was no "victory dance" from the news media or US Citizens for the rescue of Marc Luttrell. If anything, there was a subdued feeling of relief that at least one guy made it out alive. Because no matter how good one might feel about the safe return of Luttrell, that feeling is immediately replaced by the realization of how many lives were lost during the operation.

In the Philippines, however, the exact opposite occurs. I won't go into the "why" and "what for" again. I've already clearly stated that in previous posts. I will say this... It sickens me to see the AFP leadership and the Philippine news media go to such great lengths to pass the incident in Gaza as a victory especially when there are still members of the same (UN) Team currently being held in captivity! You don't do the "victory dance" until all of your people are home and, since they where the patch of the United Nations, they are YOUR PEOPLE! So, if you want to celebrate the great achievement of "escaping undercover of darkness" then, by all means, go ahead! It just shows how immature your are insofar as the world stage is concerned. It shows you're not ready for the world stage let alone the United Nations... Or don't you know the meaning of the word "propriety"?

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  1. You have some points but the victory mentioned was preventing our soldiers to become hostages. Our soldiers were not there to kill. Their lives were in danger and it is their duty to protect themselves from harm. Instead of fighting and killing which is not their mission they escape to save themselves. And that is victory at least to themselves. And victory for AFP to save our soldiers.

  2. That's right! And they achieved this by completely ignoring and/or disobeying a DIRECT order coming from UN Command, and went on their little shooting spree with the Syrians. And then fumbling away in the dark.

    Sorry folks. Orders ARE orders. And these guys disobeyed them. They are by no means heroes.

  3. @Jacques WTF! Are you insane? Look at what happened to the Fijians who followed an earlier (Watch the video of their general explaining why they obeyed-Google it) order to lay down their arms and not to resist, where are they now? Right, they're all gone, not to mention the fact that the rebels acquired 40+ firearms and ammunition from their outpost, do you know how many people will they die as a result of their weapons acquisition?

    Jacques, based on your name are you French or of French extraction? Excuse me for saying this but it's no wonder you guys are in the top ten most defeated nations in the world! With an attitude like that, it's no surprise that you can't even contol the growing jihadist problem in your country's midst. What a moron! Really!


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