Foreigners constantly being treated like to-be-robbed/cheated ATM machines in the #Philippines!

From the taxi-cab drivers when the foreigner steps out of the NAIA Terminal# 1, to the Bureau of Immigration booth on the way out of the country (at the very same NAIA Terminal # 1) AND everywhere in between: THE FOREIGNER is looked at as a walking talking ATM/TARGET -to-be-robbed/cheated and scammed.

It is a sickening experience and one that is difficult to deal with.Travelling with a loaded revolver and an attack dog was how it had to be dealt with. It was sooo bad that I could not purchase anything without being cheated (the dealer I bought a motor-cycle from paid someone to steal it back, and I caught the little puke and beat him to a pulp!) and my partner had to buy everything we purchased.Finally it was too much to bear and I left, and it is doubtful I will ever return.BUT IF I do, I will get my dog, my revolver and continue to PROTECT MYSELF AT ALL TIMES !

It's a VERY debatable price to pay just to live on a tropical beach (Eu550- USD $725- GBP 525/month rent). Ultimately it was not worth it and the way I was treated by Filipino's was the deciding factor to leave.Filipino's get treated well in my country and that is what made me so mad about how I was treated in the Philippines.

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  1. Welcome to the club! As a foreigner visiting the country for over 20 years (my wife and 3 kids live there), I've experienced the lot. From a customs officer asking for a plastic money souvenir to a taxi driver doubling the agreed fare half way through the trip saying he forgot to mention the luggage is another fare, to getting ripped off by money changers with expert slight of hands and much more....but I love the country so much that these occurrances don't deter me from returning. You just get wiser with each trip and now most things are predictable, but still need to take two steps back and one step forward when wheelong and dealing.

  2. Obviously someone who has never traveled before in his life.
    Filipinos are very hospitable and kind to foreigners. In fact that is the reason why I decided to move here.

    1. Youre dreaming. Wake up..

    2. Obviously you're living in the lala land. We're not that stupid to take that bait of yours idiot.


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