#Philippines gov't pays mere lip service to #climate change imperative

The Philippine government claim to be actively doing something to address climate change concerns but they have not done the following:

1) Jump our fuel standard to Euro 4/5 already and not allow fuel companies to delay this any further beyond 2016. I saw some articles saying Euro 4 fuel standard for 2016 may get pushed back still because the big 3 will not be able to comply completely yet. That should be their problem because that's been in the pipeline and delayed from 2014 to 2016 if I recall correctly.

2) Incentives for installing alternative energy sources for buildings (Be it residence, commercial or industrial). These should be technologies that are VAT free and ideally even excise tax/import tax free because they aim to help the environment in a grand scale if you allow movement to start even in a smaller scale. Even if I buy a small 1kw solar panel, that is still 1kw I am not drawing from the grid during daytime. Just to cite an example.

3) Alternative fueled vehicle incentives. For some reason, up to now, there is no clear signal as to what has happened to this law. It's already approved last I checked but no IRR til now. But it's more than 30 days which is normally the standard for release of IRRs after a law is signed. This will affect not only private vehicles but technologies for public transport to be pushed to ubiquity. by making the commercial investment towards them more viable.

4) get their sh*t together as to action plans. It is still just seeming to be all talk to no action when it comes to the government. Actions to "fight" corruption by the government have not lead to criminal convictions. They are only detained for legal proceeding but are not technically jailed because they are guilty. It's something that is a clear example of how flawed government action is with anything it does. Streamlining operations also is out of the question for most agencies because they prefer it to be as messed up as possible so that they can get as much grease money from every one to get things moving. That's why computer integration and interconnection between agencies doesn't seem to work. This would make records keeping more efficient and trace backs be quick and easy for all types of checks and balanced. It won't waste time and energy of everyone concerned and make personnel operation efficient and less wasteful on a big picture scale. Savings all around for everyone.

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