#Philippines' private sector favours #basketball, gov't support required for other sports

It has a lot to do with advertising. If you compare the amount of advertising between basketball and another sport, there will always be a huge disparity. This is why sponsors are more willing to lend their support to basketball because there is a higher number of audience for their benefit. This, in turn, creates a problem for other sports in need of funding from private enterprises. It isn't because private investors don't want to support other sports but simply it won't have a return invest on their end.

This is why government support is necessary. I believe basketball can be left onto private entities while sports such as boxing, taekwondo, dragon boat racing, and the like can be assisted by government funding. The other thing we can do in the long term is to create more variety in our local sports culture. In the US, many kids aged 15-19 play as many as five sports because their fitness and athleticism (developed from an early age) allows them to be flexible. In the end, they choose a sport where they have a greater chance of succeeding and a bright future. Sports is all about commitment from both the athletes and their managers.

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