Untenable: No peaceful change in sight for the mess that is the #Philippines!

After seeing the entirety of this mess of a country from every conceivable angle, it is no secret and an unavoidable conclusion that the entire country is one GIGANTIC corrupted mess. A shit hole mess that is run by an organized crime syndicate that is backed up by an ill-paid/ill-trained corrupted police force that has to run scams on people and even kidnap citizens for ransom just to earn a living wage. The Police are backed by a paltry military that has to depend on donations from foreign governments.

That said it is no wonder that the entire country is a mess. Aquino himself has enemies, that can hardly be debated and when people lash out at the guy for attacking his enemies they seem to forget that HIS FATHER WAS MURDERED by a political rival. Aquino was injured in a coup that tried to murder and therefore remove his Mother from office.Aquino HAS ENEMIES. What would anyone else do? Given these facts alone, it can be
truthfully said that Aquino has shown restraint in not striking back at his familie's enemies. That the guy that murdered Aquino's own Father has a Son that is not dead says a lot about Aquino. I would not be so restrained.

The fact that during election campaigns in the Philippines rival candidates in Local, State and National elections constantly kill each other says a lot about what political power means in the Philippines: A ticket to the dinner where the treasury is served up and divided amongst the participants, and no one can blame anyone else for wanting to be at the head of the table.

This current system will not enjoy a peaceful change. The only way the country can rid itself of these parasitic politicians and their scumbag families has been discussed at nauseating lengths, and despite the ease at which the current system could be toppled it is clear Filipino's lack the deliberate action needed to change it and thus deserve the shit they eat constantly.

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